in Sun (ep)

by Wages

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released January 15, 2015

Produced by Hank Sullivant
Engineered by Alex Hornbake and Julian Dryer
Mixed and Mastered by Alex Hornbake
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Echo Mountain Recording



all rights reserved



Wages is a band creating music and sound art in Los Angeles.

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Track Name: You
Had hope once
A chance to hold on
These tender touches
Couldn't hold it very long
The lake filled up
The drought left town
I sat in its car while it all went down
Lost it on a child's dare

So why am I alive?

80 miles an hour
Driving down desert land
Travelling salesman
Remembering again
The game is up
It's gone too long
Life moves past if you fail to move on
Lost it in an old man's stare

So why am I alive?

I sat and stared and thought too much
I spent my nights in a wanderlust
Till fate too me and made me look
You caught my eye gifted your touch
And I found my purpose right there

So why am I alive?
Track Name: Eclipse
Hold me
You see
Where I'm going
You mean
And give back
All I had before

That is...
All I can't ignore

I took a look
And it took me under
There's no recover
There's no recover
Track Name: Turning Around
You were my long white cloud
Deep in the summer
Winter was heartbreak
You were the cure

Taking the long road
You were my ride home
Once lost in gutters
No longer alone

You were my bad luck, turning around

Stars in the nighttime
Warmth in the sunshine
You were my future
Coming on time

You were my bad luck, turning around
Track Name: Hurricane Cocaine
Like a well worn shoe
I might be worthless but I keep my meaning to you
So you keep me around
Don't let me die though I fear it may be my time too
Hurricane Cocaine could kill me

Never thought I'd be a keeper
Never thought I'd be the painting of a daydream in my life
I've been wracked with paranoia
I've been destroyed by diseases that were borne inside my mind
But with you by me
Helping me through these hypchondriacal times I can survive

Hurricane Cocaine can't kill me
Track Name: Golden Tower
This is heaven's daughter
She can make the cloud's leak water
Anything can haunt her
Just below the surface
I can breathe with brand new purpose

You thought that life would pass you by again
You thought that youth would not greet you again
You thought that once was all you got

I cannot forget her
She is like an apple winter
I can catch a fever now
This is my possession
Please don't change the situation

You thought....

Golden Tower
Beacon of soul
Bring me back to my old home
City center
Hold me higher
Bring me back my life, my friends

You thought....

See my eyes
It could happen again
In a life
It could happen again